Salt Lake City Fire Department Shares Firework Safety Tips


In the State of Utah, July is Fireworks Month. Fireworks can provide hours of wholesome, family entertainment, but must be used by adults carefully and safely.

Each year, the Salt Lake City Fire Department and other departments across the state respond to fires and injuries caused by fireworks. Many of the fires either started in restricted areas where fireworks are not legally permitted or are started by illegal fireworks.

Approved fireworks can be legally discharged from July 1-7 and July 21-27 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The hours extend to midnight on July 4 and 24.

SLC Fire would like to pass along the following Firework Safety Tips, courtesy of Phantom Fireworks:

  • Have a ready source of water close by

  • Be careful of windy conditions

  • Use care in handling fireworks

  • Never use the fireworks as weapons

  • Store and dispose of fireworks properly

  • Use fireworks outdoors

  • Purchase fireworks from reliable dealers

  • Wear safety glasses

  • Be careful with animals

  • Do not transport fireworks on airplanes

  • Be careful with unused fireworks

  • Children should not handle fireworks

  • Do not use alcohol with fireworks

  • Follow the laws; use common sense

  • Discharge fireworks on a hard surface

  • Use in a clear, open area

  • Keep clear of fireworks

  • Use care in lighting the fireworks

  • Light one firework item at a time

  • Do not use malfunctioning or “dud” items


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