Open House Checklist


You are finally ready to list your home and you are getting ready for the open house this weekend. You’ve already done a lot of tiding up before this point, but what other things should you do to make sure your home shows like a 10? Check out our list below to make sure you are ready to wow potential buyers!

General Preparation:

___ Create a bright, cheerful and serene environment.

___ Open curtains, drapes and blinds, and turn on lights in all rooms and closets.

___ Add a welcome touch by baking some cookies and putting out some fresh flowers.

___ Water interior plants and throw away old plants and flowers.

___ Put away valuables, money, jewelry and medicines in a safe or concealed place!


___ Remove clutter from foyer/entry and make sure it welcomes you.

___ Have a clean welcome mat and clean all windows and mirrors.


___ Make beds, organize clothes, toys and closets, straighten up pillows and bedspreads.

___ Clean wastebaskets, dust blinds, doors, shelves and floors, vacuum carpets.

___ Open all blinds and hang them to a uniform height.


___ Hang clean hand towels, put out fresh soap in clean soap dishes.

___ Remove all personal hygiene products from vanity and close the commode lids.

___ Put out a fresh box of tissues and toilet paper.

___ Clean bathtubs, shower stalls, vanities, sink areas, mirrors and medicine cabinets.

___ Install new shower curtains, if necessary.

___ Remove mildew from walls and caulking.


___ Clean countertops, stovetops, refrigerator doors and handles.

___ Clean the kitchen sink and put away all dishes. Make sure everything shines including your windows!

Dining Room:

___ Consider setting your dining room the table with linen and china.

___ Place an attractive centerpiece on your dining room table.

___ Dust the chandelier and replace all burned out bulbs, dust china cabinets.

Living Room, Family Room and Den:

___ Dust, polish, vacuum and clean floors and furniture.

___ Adjust couch cushions and pillows.

___ Clean up wood around the fireplace and light your fireplace during cold weather.

___ Dispose old newspapers and mail.

___ Organize bookshelves, reduce all clutter.

Written by Alicia Green