City or Suburbs? Where should you live?


You’re getting ready to buy your first home. You’ve heard “location, location, location” hundreds of times now. How do you know what location is right for you? You’re going to want to weigh the pros and cons of living in the city or the suburbs. There are so many things to consider during this process, take your time and think things through. What is best for you?

Walk or drive?

In the city, you are close to grocery stores, shops, bars, restaurants. You can walk, which is great because space for your car is going to be more limited. However, if you have or plan on having a family the hustle and busy might be too much. Would you rather be around more families? Are you willing to drive a little farther for your groceries?

Living Space

If you want a large house with a large yard the city probably isn’t for you. Unless you are ready to really pay for it. Like living in a quaint and cozy space? Then the city probably is your better choice, however city living is more expensive for affordability is one of the biggest reasons people are moving to the suburbs.


You may think you only need to consider schools if you have a family or plan on having children. However, this isn’t always the case. You’re going to want to think about schools in terms of resale value also. It is already well know that the suburbs usually have better school dues to higher taxes, however many urban areas are working on this issue. Make sure to conduct research for your specific area.


How long is your commute going to be to you job? What if your job changes? Will you be able to find a job in your area? Everyone is different, how much of your day do you really want to spend in the car?


Each city is different from the next, but generally speaking cities have higher crime rates than their suburbs. Forbes provides a helpful guide to help you identify neighborhoods that are about to take a turn for the better that could be a good purchase. It is also very important to work with a real estate agent that knows the area. They are called experts for a reason!

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